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Sofia Rutbäck Eriksson is a Swedish feelgood, cosy crime author for both adults and children. Eriksson’s work is currently translated into four languages and have sold more than 50,000 copies in six months.

In December 2021, the audiobook version of Eriksson’s cosy crime Christmas novel, Mordnatt råder, tyst det är i husen [Murder Night Reigns, it is Quiet in the Houses] was a huge success, reaching more than 20,000 listeners. It was nominated for the Swedish Audiobook Awards – Storytel Awards – and in December 2022, it will be released in Norway and Denmark.

One of the most talented crime writers to emerge in the last few years.”
 – Bengt Eriksson, crime novel reviewer at Deckarlogg and Gota Magazines

In feelgood novel, Gröna villan [The Green Villa], a gang of retirees refuse to let politicians and greedy real estate owners destroy the community of wellness they have created over many years. They turn therefore to a creative, yet—not only slightly—illegal solution.

What delightful reading! How I would love to bring a bottle of red wine and immediately move into The Green Villa.”
 – Karin Brunk Holmqvist, internationally known author

Eriksson’s hilarious cosy crime series, Katarinas eminenta detektivbyrå [Katarina’s Eminent Detective Agency], has been compared to “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency” by Alexander McCall Smith. The first twelve books will be released over two years.

“An easy breezy read, filled with joy.” 
– Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg, Swedish author of the internationally acclaimed novel, The Little Old Lady Who Broke all the Rules

In her feelgood novel, Som i ett vykort, Sofia addresses the challenges of caring for a parent with memory issues.

“Fast paced and witty.” 
– Swedish evening newspaper Aftonbladet

In the fall of 2022, Eriksson will release the sequel to Murder Night Reigns, as well as the final episodes of Katarina’s Eminent Detective Agency. In 2023, she will release a new children’s whodunnit series.

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